Assessment Strategy

Assessment at Innsworth Junior School


The aim of this guide is to clarify the approach to assessment taken within Innsworth Junior School and how this links with the Key Stage 2 SATs. 

Teachers are assessing your children all the time in a variety of every day ways which vary from conversations to analysis of written work.  Your children will be given regular feedback about their learning and progress.  The following document is a guide to the symbols teachers will use when marking work and what they mean.



 More formal assessments are also used to track children’s progress and identify any gaps in their learning. 



Children’s writing is assessed 3 times a year against the appropriate Year group’s standards and we record whether each child is working below, within or at greater depth. 


Spelling and Grammar

We use the Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment (GAPS), 3 times a year which gives children a national standardised score.  We also test spellings weekly looking at key words from the National Curriculum list and personal spellings from common errors identified in individual children’s writing.



We track children’s reading progress through the National Book Band scheme and assess informally during guided reading sessions.  The Progress in Reading Assessment (PIRA) is used 3 times a year and gives us a reading age and a national standardised score for every child.  We also use ‘Rapid Reading’ assessments or the Salford Reading Test to identify gaps or small steps in progress for children with SEN.



We use the Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) which also gives us a national standardised score and maths age. 


We analyse formal assessment papers for any areas of weakness or gaps in understanding which we can then address in future teaching.  We also hold pupil progress staff meetings termly in which we plan provision for any children whose progress is a concern.


National Assessments

In Year 6 we carry out National Assessments (SATs) in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Arithmetic and Mathematics.  Key Stage 2 assessments results are reported using a National Scaled Score.  More information on this can be found on the DFE website.