Residential Update

20th June 2016
Friday 24th June

After a final cooked breakfast, a big thank-you and a sad goodbye to Chris, Janet and the other members of the hotel staff and with a last minute check of the rooms we were off to Oakwood Park.

It rained on our journey there but as we parked up the rain stopped and the fun began.

Unfortunately there were still some big rides shut but we didn’t let this affect our day.  In fact the park was so quiet, we almost had the run of the park - going on the rides as many times as we could stomach!

The children went on the bobsleigh, treetops rollercoaster, moon-landing slide, pirate ship, snake-river falls water ride, skull rock log flume, Tinkerbell’s flying school and many more.  They had great fun getting wet (again) and making themselves feel sick!

More sedate enjoyment was had on the boating lake and playing mini golf!

Lots of sweets were bought and eaten and I hope those that were meant to get home did!

We set off on our journey home.  A final pit-stop at McDonalds satisfied the children’s appetites and with McFlurries in hand, the children boarded the bus for the final leg of the journey.  They were very excited when we entered Innsworth and couldn’t wait to see you all again.

And so our wonderful week away comes to an end; the weather has been fantastic as have the children – we, as a staff, feel very lucky and hope that the children enjoyed their week away as much as we did.

Thursday 23rd June

All the fun of the farm!  What a fantastic decision swapping our days was. After our usual robust 2 course breakfast we headed straight to Folly Farm to make full use of all the facilities.

We were amazed by the lions, giraffes, rhinos, zebra, meerkats, penguins, ostrich, emu, camels. armadillos, flamingos and also all have a new soft spot for the ocelot. 

In the afternoon we used our tokens to dare the dodgems; ride the ghost train and yes, you guessed it…visit the gift shop: parents brace yourself for more cuddlies (I’m sure you’ll find room on the shelf at home somewhere).

Getting back to the hotel at about 4.30, we set straight off to the beach where the children braved the chilly sea then played on the beach – football, Frisbee, digging and burying themselves in the sand!

We got back and showered and then enjoyed a bbq meal of burgers, sausages and chips followed by ice-cream.

Then, with a slight cajoling, the children tidied their rooms and packed - they looked 100% better than earlier in the day!!

Hot chocolate followed, with a few pressies and thank-yous and then the children were off to bed.

Another great day with wonderful weather (we have been soooooo lucky!)

A message from the staff: your children have been a delight this week and we have loved spending time with them despite the many missing hats, wandering water bottles and disappearing clothes (although we were particularly delighted to find a pair of lost glasses on the beach despite two very high tides!) 

Their manners have been very good and they have supported each other through great activities and new experiences.  As a staff, we can honestly say that we have had a cracking week away – although we are very much looking forward to the weekend! 

Your children will be very tired and we cannot guarantee what is clean and dirty!

Wednesday 22nd June 

After another good night’s sleep and another lovely cooked breakfast we left (in slight drizzle) for Heatherton’s Activity Centre – what a fantastic place!

The sun came out and the children enjoyed a wonderful range of activities:

  • Go-karting
  • Archery
  • Pistol shooting
  • 4x4 jeep adventure (very small jeeps!)
  • Bounce pillows
  • Body zorbs
  • Baseball practice
  • Raceway
  • Bumper boats


Then, at 2pm, we all met for a massive water pistol fight where the children and certain adults (Mrs Wilmot and Mr Cresswell) got absolutely soaked! They had a great time!


After an ice-cream or slush-puppy, the children began to dry out and then finished their activities.


We were back to the hotel for a short rest before a dinner of roast ham, mash and vegetables followed by ice-cream.


We don’t rest for long and this evening we went for the walk that we missed on Monday.  We walked from Amroth back to Saundersfoot along the coastal path.  The weather this evening has been beautiful and the children enjoyed their two-mile ‘trek’.


Again the behaviour of the children has been excellent and they have been polite and well-mannered, one member of staff at Heatherton commented on their beautiful manners; we are really enjoying their company and are proud of the way they represent our school.


We have a slight change to the itinerary for tomorrow:  Oakwood Theme Park have been in touch to say that four of their big rides are shut tomorrow so we are off to Folly Farm instead and will go to Oakwood  on Friday when hopefully more rides will be open.  Folly Farm have been very obliging.

Tuesday 21st June

What a lovely day!  After a good night sleep, we started off today with a cooked breakfast and then headed off towards Pembroke Castle.

One group began with brass rubbing and the other group had their guided tour of the castle then we swapped over.

The children loved the brass rubbing and were praised for their behaviour and the quality of their work.  The guided tours were very interesting with so many historical facts – the children were absorbed and learnt lots.  There were visits down to Woburn Cavern and up to the top of the tower.

We left just after lunch and headed back to the hotel where we changed into beach shoes to go down to the nearby beach for rock-pooling with Ginny and Russ from Silent World.  We had a great time and found so many different sea creatures including jellyfish, crabs, shrimps, snails etc.  We shared our finds and everyone loved it!

Back at the hotel, Ginny and Russ introduced us to their collection of animals including a millipede, a Chilean rose tarantula, a scorpion, lizards, snakes, tortoises and chameleons.  The children had a great time learning about them (and linking to our Rainforest topic) and then having the chance to handle them if they wanted to.

After a thorough hand-washing, the children had their roast beef and Yorkshire pudding tea and were delighted to be joined by Isaac who joined us late after being poorly over the weekend.

Unfortunately this week the tides are not in our favour so a visit to the beach was not possible tonight.  We managed to find a nearby sports field where the children enjoyed a game of football or played on the nearby playground.

The weather has been very kind to us so far this week and we have enjoyed sunshine, blue skies and a few clouds…let’s hope it continues!

If you would like to look up Silent World on Facebook, you can find it at: Sw2u-Silent World to you – Ginny and Russ (there may be photos on from today but the children won’t able to be identified).


Monday 20th June 2016

What a day of two halves!  It rained until we reached Margam Park when the skies began to clear.  We started in the Fairytale Land play area and then moved on to Margam Castle where we found somewhere dry for lunch.  The obligatory shop visit followed and then we moved on to the adventure play area with slides, rope ladders and tunnels. 

42 children and adults then went on the train, where a noisy sing-a-long erupted whilst the others stayed and played on the adventure play area.  We then moved on and made our way to the hotel. 

Whooping and cheering, we arrived in Saundersfoot to blue skies and beautiful sunshine and very excited children when they saw the stunning beach.

After a very organised unpacking session (yes your children can put their own clothes away!) we had a lovely tea of vegetable soup; roast chicken, sausage, roast potatoes and vegetables followed by ice-cream – there were lots of empty plates.

By 8pm, we were on the beach - Baywatch style - with lots of children having a splashing time in the sea; others showed off their football skills or just played on the beach.  We were all back at the hotel by 9.15 where the children could watch the second half of the England football match. 

The children have been lovely today and the behaviour has been excellent.  They should sleep well tonight!