Isle of Wight


We had a good journey down and arrived on time - in the glorious sunshine – at Portsmouth Dockyard where we visited Nelson’s flagship ‘The Victory’.  After enjoying lunch, most children spent their pocket money in the gift shop.

Soon we were back on the road towards Southampton where we caught the ferry to East Cowes.  After a gentle crossing in the lovely sunshine, we continued our journey on to Sandown and our hotel The Marina Bay.

We had a fire drill and unpacked, then enjoyed a tasty tea: chicken nuggets or pasta bake and garlic bread followed by chocolate cake or ice-cream.

We headed down to the beach at about 7.30pm where the children were desperate to get into the sea – it’s amazing how wet you can get when you are only up to your knees! 

After hot chocolate and biscuits it was up to bed and lights out at 10pm.

We’ve had a lovely first day and are looking forward to tomorrow – hoping that the rain stays away!



We began our day with a choice of cereals and/or cooked breakfast.  We celebrated Tom Button’s birthday with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!

After a slight detour around the island – they seem to have lots of road closures – we arrived at Blackgang Chine.  Rollercoasters, teacups, hall of mirrors, fantastic ice-creams, maze, underwater land, climbing frames, pirate ships (with water cannons), water raft ride and dinosaurs!  We managed to do most of these in the dry!  The rain arrived at about 2pm but it didn’t stop us!  We had a lovely day at Blackgang and the children explored the many attractions.

After a dinner of pizza and wedges or chicken curry, we headed down to crazy golf at Sandown pier.  The children were very sensible and it was a first-time-experience for many children.

We finished the evening with Tom’s birthday cake (thank you to Mrs. Button for all the cake) and another rousing rendition of Happy Birthday and Tom blowing out the candles.

The children settled to bed very quickly after a fun-filled tiring day.



We've had a rather soggy day but it certainly hasn't stopped us! We set off for Freshwater Bay from where we walked across Tennyson Down to Alum Bay. We all enjoyed the fresh air and exercise (when I say all, I mean nearly all!)

On reaching The Needles Pleasure Park, we ate lunch and then explored the shops, the sweet factory, the sand shop (where children could fill a plastic shape with the different coloured sands that the area is famous for) and played on various games, crazy golf and penny arcade games.

At about 1.30pm we walked down the approx. 150 steps to the beach where The Rambling Rose was waiting to take us on a short boat trip. We learned about the Battery where there are artillery holes which have never been used; the multi-coloured sandstone; The Needles rocks and the lighthouse. After climbing back up the 150 steps, we had a bit of extra time to explore again and then we set off back to the hotel.

Unfortunately the rain started to come down again this evening so we had to cancel our trip to the beach this evening. Thankfully, the lovely staff at our hotel arranged for us to watch a movie to keep us entertained.

Fingers crossed for dry weather for tomorrow. We will try to squeeze in our missed trip to the beach before the BBQ and disco!




A poem by Mrs Wilmot, Miss West, Mrs Kemmett, Mr Cresswell and Mrs Smith:


Waking up in the morning, we were all yawning,

Breakfast was great, we cleared our own plate,

We got on the bus, with little fuss,

And off to Robin Hill we went.


Mrs Kemmett went to pay for the rest of the day,

We congaed through the shop and had a toilet stop,

Collossus was great but for the falconry show, we were late,

Onwards to Africa we went.


Africa could wait whilst we challenged our mates

To a tug of war with cheers galore!

Super behaviour was in our favour

Passed the falcon display we went.


Lunch and a play and then on with the day,

The Toboggan Run was lots of fun,

The football was won, the score was 5-1,

To the Squirrel Tower we went.


Some went on a tractor ride while others went to run and hide,

The birds of prey were the highlight of the day,

Presents were bought, what a kind thought,

And off to the bus we went.


From the hotel to the beach is within close reach,

As an extra treat, we dipped our feet,

Showers and packing, organisation was lacking,

Off to the BBQ we went.


Burgers and chips then we wiggled our hips,

The disco was loud and the kids did us proud,

Awards for the kids, then droopy eyelids,

And off to bed we went!